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    23. January 2017

    Most exciting Zagreb tours

    Zagreb is full of wonders and the easiest way to discover them all are organised tours. Here are some of the most exciting Zagreb tours you can go on.

    Zagreb Urban Wine Bike Tour

    Take a stroll through Zagreb’s Upper town, discover more than 2.500 years of Croatia’s wine making history and try some of the most exquisite wines from every Croatian region.

    Medvednica Falconry Tour

    Visit the medieval Medvedgrad castle, discover the hunting techniques of majestic falcons and hear the myths and legends about the Black Queen and her hidden treasures.

    Zagreb Night Truffle Hunting Tour

    Discover your inner explorer and go on an exciting forest adventure that will see you hunting the ultimate gastronomic delicacies – the coveted truffles.

    Solar System Bike Tour

    Did you know that Zagreb has an entire Solar System hidden within the city? Start by the Grounded Sun statue and embark on an exciting journey to discover all the other hidden planets.

    Zagreb Ghosts and Dragons Tour

    This night tour will take you on a mysterious journey through Zagreb and introduce you to chilling legends about Zagreb’s mystical residents, secret societies, haunted mansions, forgotten graveyards and other eerie places.

    Enjoy your Zagreb adventures!

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