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    15. February 2017

    Cooperation with Bagatin Polyclinic

    Polyclinic Bagatin was founded by Prof. dr. Mario Bagatin, world recognised and renowned maxillofacial and plastic surgeon in 2002. year, continuing the tradition of earlier Private practice for maxillofacial surgery founded in 1995. In 2006 his sons became heads of the polyclinic – Dr. Dinko Bagatin (plastic and general surgeon) and Dr. Tomica Bagatin (maxillofacial surgeon) with the help of their younger brother, Ognjen Bagatin, policlinic manager, successfully continuing the path that had been started by their father.

    Polyclinic Bagatin has its headquarters in the same building as Golden Center Apartments in Zagreb.

    Find out more about Polyclinic here.


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